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Date: 8/10/2018
Subject: August Email Newsletter
From: West Wastenaw Business Association

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Member Spotlight

Donna Verna

Have you heard of the phrase, “taking the tiger by the tail?” 


Years ago when I was studying Business Marketing at Auburn University, I would wear a  nice dress on the days that I had a big exam, presentation or test.  I had heard that grooming and dressing well helped a person to feel more confident and perform better.  So, I would do up my BIG hair (well, it was the early 1980’s), put on a dress and my nylons, take extra care with my make-up and strike out of my dormitory feeling like I had that test, presentation or exam by the tail even before I entered the classroom.


Pam Conn

Pam Conn, Wines on Main

Come and explore “what you like” at Wines on Main where we are passionate about wine.
Our staff at Wines on Main takes great pride in selecting quality wines that are difficult to find. Ninety five percent of all the wines at Wines on Main are tasted by the staff. “If we don’t like the wine, the wine doesn’t come in”. We develop a one on one relationship with our customers so we know what they personally enjoy.

The New WWBA Site is Live!

Check your email for the new profile login credentials from  You can go to the WWBA website and login in with your new username and password. Follow these steps to setup your profiles - Website Profile Instructions.  We also have this instructional video on how to set up your listings..  If you need business categories added for your business or need help with setting up your listings, please email   

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