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An Unconventional Hiring Team

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An Unconventional Hiring Team
An Unconventional Hiring Team
By Miche Rayment
Posted: 2017-10-01T15:53:00Z


Something I often hear from business leaders is that they really want to include their team (give them responsibilities and have a structure for accountability), but hiring is quite difficult to hand off. Recognize, though, it would be a mistake to totally divest yourself of the process. Don’t just hand it off. Employ your own Unconventional Hiring Team to bring you the best candidates to choose from. Your team weeds out the candidates that don’t fit and suss out the best in the pack, then you make the choice from there.

As a business leader you want your people to bring you problems with solutions, right? This is no different. In forming this team, you will be able to recoup a great deal of your time, build a stronger team and make a great hire.

Roles on Your Hiring Team

The following is a sketch of the roles and personalities you’ll want on your hiring team. You’ll want someone who:

  • Deeply embodies the culture of your company
  • Is a good project manager
  • Is in the role of managing the new hire, will be a peer of the new hire, and/or will report to the new hire
  • Is intuitive about people
  • Has a vested interest in you, knows your company well, and could provide great outside perspective
    • Investors
    • Advisors
    • Customers
    • Peer Business Owners

If you have a very small team, or indeed are looking to make your first hire, I strongly encourage you to include those around you that know you and are invested in your success. Don’t be a lone ranger. The results could be disastrous.


Forming this team and truly empowering them to bring you the best candidates to choose from could be a game changer for you. It could also be a tremendous challenge if you tend to micromanage or are under a great deal of stress to get someone into a position quickly. Rushing the process defeats the purpose of making sure you have THE Right Fit.

Try it. What you’ll find is a liberty you hadn’t known was possible and a structure for getting other things done you hadn’t considered before.


Miche Rayment

Founder and Chief Facilitator, The Hire Effect™

This guest blog comes from M. Miche Rayment of The Hire Effect™, a training company that teaches business leaders the core practice of hiring for a cultural and skill set match they need, every time. or 734.408.1579

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