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Build a Strong Health Foundation

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Build a Strong Health Foundation
Build a Strong Health Foundation
By Larry Fitzpatrick
Posted: 2018-04-01T17:05:00Z

If you could do better, would you?  As a matter of fact, how’s your health?  If you could do better would you?  Really??  One of our priorities is “helping people help themselves.”  We provide individuals, families, and businesses with quality products and programs to aid in improving their quality of life. United Systems is about helping you to care for one of your most valued possessions– HEALTH.

Unfortunately, what I know about my family history is not health, but includes a lack of longevity and disease.  I’ve learned that there are many things we can do for ourselves to aid us in feeling better, looking better, and being better all the way around.  I’ve found that in order for things to change, I have to change.  How about you?  So I started seeking help, finding ways of changing my thinking, as well as breaking some unhealthy traditional family practices and personal habits.

Most current information suggests food alone cannot provide the complete nutrition a human body requires to protect itself and to thrive.  Even if you are consistently diligent in your food choices eating organic and local, you will experience deficits in vitamins and minerals.  I found a way to fill in what was missing with the extraordinary line of Nutrilite supplements that are food based, organically grown, and ethically manufactured.  The process is owned and controlled from seed and soil to processing and packaging.  My health and wellness improved and is maintained using these remarkable supplements regularly.

In addition to building my cells with pure food, I drink the best water possible that is filtered at my faucet with carbon and ultraviolet light.  The eSpring water purification system is the world’s number one selling brand.  It makes it easy and affordable for me to hydrate and drink lots of safe water every day.  I also HEPA filter the air in our home with the Atmosphere Sky Air Treatment to insure that what goes into my lungs is as free of contaminants and toxins as possible.

Let us help you fill in the gaps and build a strong foundation for your health.  You can develop a personalized program with supplements designed for your life style and begin to experience the difference in a matter of days.  So take the first step and let’s do the rest together as we hydrate, energize, and recharge ourselves for health and success.

Larry Fitzpatrick

United Systems

Call: (734)476-8138


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